What’s the best time to arrive?

The festival starts at 11am, but you can pick up the single or shareable tasting card you purchased online starting at 10am at the registration booth. We expect long lines at vendor booths in the afternoon, so we recommend arriving between 11am-noon if you want to start sampling before the rush.

Will you post the names of the ice cream shops and vendors in advance?

Yes. You can find the most up-to-date information about the shops and vendors at this year’s festival on our website. And, more are being added every week!

What time does the festival end?

4 o’clock on the dot.

How big are the samples?

Each sample will be about 1-2 oz. For reference, a scoop of ice cream from your favorite shop is about 4-5 oz.

Wow, there are lots of ice cream shops! Will I be able to sample all of them?

If you buy a shareable ticket, you most definitely can! The shareable ticket gives you (and whoever you bring with you) access to all of the amazing ice cream vendors that will be attending this year’s festival. Do keep in mind that many of the ice cream vendors will be handing out samples at the same time, and some supplies may be limited. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there are particular shops you really want to try.

What will the weather be like at the festival?

Being that the event is in San Diego, chances are it will be quite nice! We expect it to be sunny and 70-75 degrees. So bring your appetite, sunglasses, and sunscreen!

I’m a member of the media. How do I make arrangements for a media pass?

Please visit our contact page on our website or send an email to

I am an ice cream shop owner. How do I become an ice cream vendor at the festival?

Please send an email to

I don’t like ice cream. Can I still attend?

Yes! While this event is geared towards ice cream lovers, we welcome everyone. There will be some non-ice cream vendors at the festival and other activities to enjoy.

If I leave the event, can I get back in?

Yup! This is an open event so you can come and go as you please. We highly recommend stuffing yourself with ice cream right when you arrive, leaving to explore the other cool shops and restaurants around North Park, and of course coming back to the festival for even more delicious frozen treats to end your day.


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased here.

I see that there is a single ticket and a shareable ticket. What does that mean?

Single tickets, which entitle guests to 10 delicious samples, are $20. Shareable tickets, which entitle guests to a sample from each participating vendor, are $35. We recommend buying a single ticket if you want fewer sample options. The idea behind the shareable ticket is to allow attendees the option to sample creations from each shop and to make it easier to come to the event with friends and family. You ultimately get to decide how you want to experience the festival.

How will I keep track of all of the delicious ice cream I will be eating at the event?

We will be providing one tasting card per ticket purchased. You will need to show this card to each of the ice cream vendors you visit in order to receive a sample. They will check off your card after you have been given your sample.

How do I retrieve my tasting card?

Visit our registration booth when you arrive at the festival. Our volunteer team will check you in and provide you with your tasting card. Staff will be at this booth throughout the event to provide assistance.

Can I give my tasting card to a friend?

If you purchase a shareable ticket, you can choose who you would like to share it with. Sharing is caring.

I accidentally damaged or lost my tasting card. What should I do?

Please go to the registration booth to receive a new one.

Can I buy tickets at the event?

Yes! But please know that prices will increase the day of the event and there will be a limited number of tickets available. The price of a single ticket on the day of the event will be $25 and a shareable ticket will be $40.

Can someone else pick up my tasting card at the registration booth?

We do ask that the person who purchased the ticket be the one to pick up the tasting card.


Are strollers allowed at the festival?

Yes, this is a family friendly event!

I have a dog. Can they come?

Yes! We love doggos (hint: there will be doggo ice cream for sale at the event).


How is the parking situation at the festival?

We recommend using the multi-level parking structure located on 3829 29th street. It’s right next to where the festival will be so you cannot miss it. Second option is to park on the street in the nearby residential areas that are within walking distance to the festival.

Where is the nearest bus stop?

At 30th street and University (the route 2 bus runs through here).

Where is the festival?

North Park Way between 30th Street & Granada Ave (directly behind the North Park Theatre/The Observatory).

What’s At The Festival?

Will there be dairy-free ice cream at the festival? Vegan?

Yes and Yes.

Will there be restrooms?

Yes, there will be four in total. Two of them are accessible. There will also be hand sinks available.

Will there be medical services on site?

Yes. There will be a registered nurse on site at the festival and first aid supplies.

Where do I go if I have questions about the festival?

Please go to the registration booth and a staff member will help you.

Can I get water on site? Will I have to pay?

Liquid Eden Holistic Center is generously donating water to the festival! We will supply recyclable cups for water, but want to be as environmentally conscious as possible so we kindly ask that you bring your own refillable water bottles. And water is free!

Will there be merch that I can buy?

Limited edition festival t-shirts will be available for sale at the festival while supplies last. AKA Gallery will also be live screen-printing custom t-shirts!